Jewellery Care, Vermeil, Gold Plate etc.... Your Questions Answered!

What am I buying exactly and will it last?
(Or How to keep your Ana Verdun jewellery looking fab!)

We use Sterling Silver and 22ct Gold-Plate to make all our jewellery.

Sterling Silver
All our silver is Sterling Silver, purchased in the UK and UK-Hallmarked. It is 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals, which harden the silver and make it suitable for jewellery-making.
Sterling Silver naturally tarnishes (darkens) through exposure to air, perfumes, creams & perspiration.
Sterling Silver is susceptible to damage from chlorine and salt. Avoid wearing silver jewellery while using cleaning chemicals or in chlorinated water.


Gold comes in four different grades, 9 ct, 14 ct, 18 ct and 22 ct. 24 carat gold is 100% gold but is too soft to make jewellery with, so other metals are mixed with it to make it more suitable.
Ana works in 9 ct and 18 ct gold.

Gold Plate (also called Vermeil or silver-gilt)
Vermeil is achieved through applying a layer of gold on to another metal. All Ana's jewellery uses 22ct Yellow Gold Plating, or Rose Gold Plating onto Sterling Silver, which gives it its distinctive "Indian gold" look.

Vermeil jewellery does not tarnish like silver, but as a surface finish, it is subject to wear, and depending on how it is cared for, it may show signs of fading over time. This is more common with rings than earrings, for example, because rings are subject to more wear. Ana uses a 3-micron layer of gold plate.  

All Ana's gold-plated jewellery is a high-quality piece of manufacture in Sterling Silver, and has the appearance of gold jewellery. However, please be aware that it should not be regarded as the equivalent of solid gold, and depending on how much you use the piece, the gold colour will eventually fade. 

We offer a re-plating service and many customers return periodically to have their beloved pieces refurbished in this way. Prices are available on request.     

What's that wonderful black metal I can see on some pieces?

The blackened effect you see on some pieces is either achieved by artificially oxidizing the silver with a mild sulphur-based solution or by using Black Rhodium plating, which provides a longer-lasting finish.

Keeping Your Jewellery Looking Fab
Cleaning is always free of charge - just send it back to us for a full re-furb!
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