Para Siempre, "Forever" in Spanish, this beautiful ring is ideal for a the every day occasion, a classy, timeless piece and a perfect choice for those brides and wives to be! The Para Siempre Eternity Band has 13 diamonds (2.5mm round) evenly distributed...
ADARA COCKTAIL RING - AMETRINE - GOLD by www.anaverdun.com
Serious FunBewitching, enigmatic, alluring... even we can't find enough English-language adjectives to do this captivating Ametrine justice. Found only in Brazil, an Ametrine must naturally contain distinct hues of purple (amethyst) and yellow...
Wow! This fabulous golden, glowing oval faceted citrine is set in a 9 carat yellow gold and hand-hammered gold pebbles ring. This statement cocktail ring is by far Ana's most glamorous and show-stealing creation to date!  A stone atop the...
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Pendant Letter charm AThe Alphabet with charm. These hammered pebbles letter-pendants are inspired by medieval Tuscan towns, building adornments and cobblestone streets, conjuring up images of sunbaked terraces and cool bronze water fountains. - Gold...
Adara in old greek means 'beauty'This is a beautiful and stunning pebble-inspired ring of joined irregular hammered pebbles in varying sizes, in sterling silver with 22ct gold Vermeil. It has some serious weight and while so much jewellery is...
This is a beautiful and stunning pebble-inspired ring of joined irregular hammered pebbles in varying sizes, in alternating Sterling Silver and 22ct Vermeil.It has some serious weight and while so much jewellery is becoming disappointingly insubstantial,...
A-la-mar in Spanish means At the sea. These striking London blue topaz marquises are just a devine drop. Classic with a certain "je ne sais quoi" that will make you fall in love with them. MATERIALS: 18CT gold. Marquise cut London blue topaz...
There's something so playful in the way these gumnut drop cluster rattles and swings on the hand-hammered hoop - really elegant but also such enormous fun!!MATERIALS: Sterling Silver & 22CT Gold Vermeil CODE: B-E75
Detachable Alena Gold Charm
Detachable Alena Silver & Gold Charm
MATERIALS: Sterling silver and 22ct gold vermeil. Green Chalcedony brioletts. CODE: T-E12
MATERIALS: Sterling silver and 22ct gold vermeil and Pink Tourmaline briolettes CODE: T-E13
One of our best sellers in the Selene Collection. The Alena Eternal Bracelet is an elegant and original femenine piece. Carefully combined with the silver and gold to make it just perfect! MATERIALS:Sterling silver and 22ct gold vermeil. Bracelet's...
MATERIALS: Sterling silver and 22ct gold vermeil. Length:18' inches (45cm) with Ana's signature T-Bar claspCODE: T-N22
Alma - Triple Stone - Earrings - Topaz & Peridots 
By Ana Verdun
Alma - from the Spanish Soul- these spectacular earrings are made in Sterling Silver and 22ct Gold Plate with beautifully set blue topaz and peridots in the gumnut cups. A slice of nature adorned with fabulous gems and superb crafsmanship. A...
Dainty and classic with and ancient look is the Anela Ring. Easy to wear alone or stacked! MATERIALS: 18ct gold and 5, 2mm champagne rustic diamonds.Approx. 0.17ct CODE: ANELA-R-RD
In these one-of-a-kind pieces, Ana turns her eye to the symbolism embodied by the pink and blue lotus flowers, prominent in Buddhism and other traditions. Ana has chosen pink sapphires and aquamarines to depict their respective meanings. The aquamarines...
Evoking ancient emperors and long-lost heirlooms. Like a piece that has been found after centuries in a hidden chest underground... The chunky "signet" of the centre is studded with brilliant cut white diamonds, whose sharp sparkle flashes out from among...
Our silver Signature Chain featuring the Astra & Hespe Stars MATERIALS: Sterling silver and 22ct gold vermeil. Fine belcher chain. Length: 18 inches (45cm) with Ana's signature t-bar clasp and safety clasp attached. CODE: N-N08
The Litsa hoops fully gold plated with our hammered Astra Stars. MATERIALS: Sterling silver and 22ct gold vermeil.  CODE: N-E54
Materials:Sterling silver and 22ct gold vermeil.Code: N-C09